What do the New Restrictions Mean for my Wedding?

Since the pandemic started, a whole year ago now, we have had to learn how to adapt our lifestyles. From not seeing loved ones to wearing face masks, a lot has changed in a short space of time. The wedding industry has had one of the biggest knock backs with limited guests and venues. But there seems to be a light at the end of the tunnel, non-essential shops are set to open their doors again and it will not be long until you can have your dream wedding! There is hope that we can resume our memorable events to celebrate with friends and family like we once did!

Mask Wedding

As of the 29th of March, weddings can now take place in the UK with only six people present (including the couple). It is important to note that the event workers do not count! If a small and intimate wedding is what you have been dreaming of then the timing could not be more perfect.

Small Outdoor Wedding

Although if you are looking at a grander affair then you will have to wait for more restrictions to be lifted. From April 12th the restrictions will allow you to have up to 15 guests present on your big day and you will be able to have a wedding reception. Although you are still limited as to the location of your wedding for example places of worship and public buildings. But as the weather is becoming warmer do not rule out an outdoor wedding!

 If a big and grand wedding has always been your dream then you will not have to wait long to have it, On May 17th you will be allowed up to 30 guests at the ceremony and reception. This will allow you to have your all your friends and family with you as you tie the knot. Although not long after it is predicted that all restrictions, including weddings, will be lifted on the 21st of July!

Socially Distanced Wedding

The past year has been tough for couples trying to plan their big day, but the end is in sight! Although it will not be the same as pre-pandemic, it will still allow you to have your dream day surrounded by the people that matter most.