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Wedding Dress Colour Trends 2021

This year bridal gowns are now more than ever being focused on the bride’s personal style and preferences. Wedding dress shopping is already a stressful process, to begin with when you are trying to find your perfect dress. There is so much pressure on finding the right style that suits you and your wedding day. White is no longer the only option with tones of blush, champagne and ivory coming through from the bridal catwalks for 2021. Brides are being more daring than ever by expressing themselves through their dress and colour scheme. But if you are more hesitant to leave the white gown behind, remember, the dress is for you, and no one should be persuading you in any other way.

We have pulled together a guide of some of the biggest colour trends coming off the catwalk for bridal 2021 to help you decide on the perfect colour for your big day.

If you are imagining yourself in a traditional white dress for your wedding day find a style that suits your personality. White dresses have a wide variety of style options when it comes cut and material. A white wedding dress is stunning when it is simple ,but also beautiful with beading and lace. The recent trends with white wedding dresses are puffy sleeves, capes, or simple staying minimalistic.

White Wedding Trend 2021

Sometimes a pure white may be too bright for a bride. If so, an ivory dress will provide you with the tradition style you may be looking for. Ivory and other off white dresses are common and suite all skin tones. Ivory dresses are perfect if you are looking to add a hint of a luxury look on your wedding day.

Ivory Wedding Trends 2021

If you are looking to add some colour into your wedding a blush wedding dress is a subtle way of doing so. The blush colour adds a playful aesthetic to your wedding day and represent love, unity, and femininity. Do not be worried about the blush being too much of a statement most wedding dresses are muted and blush is a perfect way to show your fun personality.

Blush Wedding Trend 2021

A champagne wedding dress is ideal if you are looking to add hints of gold on your wedding day. Whether it is to match the theme of the your wedding day or just adding your personal taste champagne is a perfect colour undertone. The beautiful undertone will make the embellishment or lace more predominant on your dress.

Champagne Wedding Trends 2021

Most commonly seen worn by Indian brides the colour red represents new beginnings and prosperity. The beautifully embellished bangles wear represent fertility and prosperity. Traditionally, a Pakistani wedding is spans between two to three days and each day a different dress is worn. During the Walima Reception brides are commonly seen wearing blush and gold. The embellished lehenga provides brides with a soft and radiant style.

Red Wedding Trends 2021

Overall, remember you need to find a dress that makes you feel beautiful. The best recommendation is to buy a dress that suits your personality and style, not anyone else's. Wedding dress shopping can be overwhelming at times, so take a breath because you WILL find your perfect dress.

Wedding Dress Trends 2021

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