Here at Raishma, we are passionate about safeguarding our planet so we are looking into more ways in which we can cut down the harmful impact fashion has on the environment. We do not believe in throwaway fashion, our Raishma gowns are designed with you in mind. We want generations of women to feel empowered and beautiful in their Raishma purchase, so your Raishma dress, top or gown is designed with the purpose to be made to treasure. The fabrics and techniques we use guarantee the longevity of your purchase, ensuring that it doesn't end up in a landfill, but instead being worn, loved and endlessly passed on through generations.

In March 2022 we have begun to introduce recycled fabrics including 100% recycled polyester made from PET bottles. This provides up to a 75% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions whilst also keeping bottles and other plastics out of landfill.


PET Bottle Process



We take pride in our collection and create timeless pieces we know you will keep forever. All our designs are seasonless classic styles that can we worn time and time again without going out of style.

By 2024 we will implement eco-friendly packaging. Each purchase will be individually packed in a unique Raishma bag that can be multi-functional after delivery. Our cardboard boxes will become 100% recyclable and we will encourage customers to take advantage of that.

Raishma chooses her supply chain carefully and considerately with independent makers and businesses that align to the brands values. The suppliers are an extension of the team, and it is ensured that an ethical environment is created for everyone to flourish. Raishma’s fair and ethical trading practices has not only helped build the business but also nurtured sustainable employment.


Factory Shoot


Each Raishma beaded gown is uniquely handcrafted using beautiful artisanal skill merged with the designer’s vision. It is the handmade touch that adds character to every garment to create an unmatched creation. Working with suppliers who use traditional skills handed down from one generation to the next is a concentrated effort to protect and revive these lost craft traditions.

Sustainable label