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Last Minute Getaway

Why are kaftans an essential?

Kaftans provide comfort, movement and bring an angelic nature to your outfit. Misperceived as only holiday appropriate; the kaftan is incredibly versatile. It is perfect for any body shape or size. Furthermore, the simplicity of a kaftan, plays into its appropriateness. It’s a dress that can be easily zipped up or thrown over. It’s quick and requires no fuss.

Raishma kaftans

Raishma has designed an array of kaftans which offer drape and elegance. Every kaftan is unique in the print and subtle beading to bring dimension to the garment. The couture kaftans take inspiration from majestic antiques, florals, birds and architecture. Each kaftan is infused with rich colour which opens many ideas on how to accessorise it.

Why is the kaftan perfect for a last-minute getaway?

Kaftans are travel friendly. Its weightless quality, makes it ideal for travel - meaning you can pack more than one! Furthermore, the colourful prints mean you achieve more than one look from one kaftan.

How to accessorise a kaftan?

Whether paired classically with sandals and a rustic weaved bag or embellished earrings and bold coloured strappy heels, the kaftan is the way to go. Our personal favourites are a textured bag, gladiator flats and statement earrings. Last minute getaway kaftan Like the look of these kaftans? They can be found online in the sale by clicking on the links below: Orange and Yellow Designer Kaftan Grey & White Printed Kaftan
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