Women Empowered - Bold & Brave Event

Last week Raishma sponsored the WE Empowered women’s network event at the Bright Courtyard restaurant in Baker Street. Inviting like-minded guests, the event aimed to enlighten and inspire female entrepreneurs. Guest speakers of the night were Sam Garcha, Tulsi Vagjiani, Sajeela Kershi and Naughty Boy. WE is a “social initiative” which strives to encouraging independent women towards developing skills and talent to achieve their personal goals. Open worldwide, the organisation encourages the unity between all women. Engage, encourage, empower and enable are the principles of WE to develop a “powerful and exciting network for women.” Founded by Reena Ranger, WE Empowered has created a platform where women can discuss and address the issues of how can women juggle life, family, career and community. At the event, Raishma attended wearing her roses shirt, from the newly launched AW17 range. Embellished with red roses and black beading, the shirt appeared classic and season appropriate. Raishma presented her most popular pieces from her previous and latest range, along with mannequins adorned in couture pieces, which were previously featured in the Oriental Fashion show last month. During the evening, Raishma presented a short speech on her story, to inspire fellow entrepreneurs. In all, the event left a lasting feeling of laughter, inspiration and guidance.