Raishma X TiE London

Last week, TiE London hosted their annual gala, at the acclaimed Jumeriah Carlton Tower Hotel, to commemorate the efforts of striving entrepreneurs. TiE dedicate their resources towards building a platform which recognises British Asian entrepreneurs.
The non-profit association recognised that Raishma’s signature ‘fusion’ brand was developed into something unheard of before in both the Asian and Mainstream high street industries. Raishma’s bohemian aesthetic paired with classic silhouettes created a collection with an international appeal. As a businesswoman of a niche market, Raishma was asked to share her journey to success and pieces from her collection.
CollectionsRaishma showcased an array of garments, progressing from fresh and floaty to rich and cultured. The RAI collection explored exoticism through rich colour and cut. Each piece delicately drapes to compliment the wearers silhouette.
The shapes appear comfortable yet playful through shoulder and sleeve details. Furthermore, print and movement were essential within this collection which conveyed the paradise of the wearer. Mara and Elle provided jewellery to pair with each look. For RAI and ready to wear, the jewellery remained simplistic and muted in colour. Each semi-precious stone was encased in a gold plated based to allow the subtle hues within the stone to peek through. Mara and Elle adorned each model with cuffs, statement rings and drop earrings.
The jewellery complimented the aesthetic of the models well. Gini Bhogal, created a rustic and edgy makeup look with smoky shadows, dewy skin, unruly brows and nude lips. The sultry makeup worked effectively from the resort to couture ranges.
IMG_1638Raishma envisioned sleek back gelled hair over a backcombed quiff in the front and straight ends to trail down elegantly. The ready to wear range was inspired by Victorian greenhouses, evoking senses of nostalgia and romanticism. The soft colour palette paired with ethereal fabrics such as georgette and silk, embodied the angelic spirit of this collection. Each piece was intricately hand-beaded and incorporated detailed thread work on the overlaying fabric, which added an adoring touch. The Atmospheric collection expressed fluidity and movement across the garment. Its eroded aesthetic appears intrepid yet calm through the consistency of warm hues of colour. It aimed to take its viewer through a voyage of appreciating natural forms, represented through beading. Contrastingly, her bridal couture was infused with rich culture and meticulous hand beading with an imperious flair.
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Each design fused classic silhouettes with rich embellishing whilst effectively encapsulating the philosophy of the brand. Furthermore, luxury and memorability are evoked through high-quality fabrics and intricate artisan skills. In all, Raishma was thrilled to showcase her collection at the gala and to be able to share her entrepreneurial journey.
TiE oneRaishma with Gini Bhogal, Sammi (Mara & Elle), Abby Ghafoor & Radhika Seth
TiE twoGini, Raishma, Abby & Sammi