Raishma Hosts Event in Marylebone with Charlotte Tilbury

This weekend, Raishma hosted a collaborative event with Charlotte Tilbury for a few guests at the store in Marylebone! this was a brilliant event which allowed for guests to be involved within the store and surround themselves with the wonderful world of fashion, make-up, and glamour.

At the event, guests were able to view all current, and new in exclusive Raishma collections, including the couture garments that were showcased at Paris Couture Week! As a collaborative event with Charlotte Tilbury, we had a professionally trained Charlotte Tilbury make-up artist present who was able to display a wonderful masterclass on a gorgeous bridal makeover look for any brides within the upcoming season. The artist was also available for one -to-one personal sessions to teach any tips and tricks to achieve a perfect look for their specific face shape and skin tone.

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The event overall was a success! Not only was it very handy for the guests to learn visually and practically by hands on interactive presentations, but it was also an enjoyable and fun day allowing for guests to enjoy the most from both Raishma and Charlotte tilbury.