Raishma's Dubai Holiday Highlights

During April, Raishma visited Dubai with her family including two kids, for a trip of work and pleasure fused together to create an all-round wonderful holiday. She stayed at an apartment in The Palm Hotel and loved every minute of it! Here are the highlights of her trip.
Raishma had many buyer meetings for the brand in the Middle East. Her brand is featured and being sold throughout the East, specifically in Dubai Mall and Debenhams in the Mall of Emirates which Raishma visited throughout her travels to view her collection there and see for herself how it has grown.
Raishma showed off her elegant style by pairing her own designs such as the Rai kaftan (now available on the website at www.raishma.co.uk), and the grey floral abaya with white culotte trousers.
Some of her favourite restaurants there were: 1. Samosa house! This was very traditional street food which poured the authentic atmosphere of the Middle East into it's food and presentation. They even ate on metal plates! 2. Meat and co. (In central Dubai) This restaurant had wonderful food, particularly dessert!! Other highlights included visiting the aquarium which her children enjoyed very much! Overall, the trip was definitely a fun and exciting holiday to remember. By going with the family, it had a perfect blend of both work and pleasure!