Perfectly Imperfect Campaign

We are so excited to present to you Our 'Perfectly Imperfect Campaign'. This campaign aims to encourage women to embrace all of their “imperfections”.
We want women to feel beautiful in themselves and empower other women in the process to make them feel like the best version of themselves. These six gorgeous ladies range from first-time Mums to busy entrepreneurs and are all empowered women.
Check out our blog below to see what they have to say on what makes them feel beautiful and how it's sometimes not as easy as it seems to always be 'perfect.'
It’s your imperfections that make you beautiful.
The very things that are causing you angst may well be the very things that make you uniquely you and truly beautiful to those around you. I’m so honoured to be a part of this campaign... embrace your flaws because it’s never too late to start to learn to love yourself.
I am a Russian journalist, mother of a wonderful 11-year-old son. Lots of women don’t feel confident about their body and appearance.
The campaign is a great reminder to all of us that we can be perfect with all our imperfections.

I am a mummy, businesswoman, social media influencer and a reality TV mentor. I am 41 years old and believe fashion and beauty is for everyone, regardless of age, sex, race and size.

Having a baby changed my body in so many ways! I have so many more curves, lumps, bumps and some nice new wobbly bits but that's ok I embrace it all I'm perfectly imperfect!
Nusaiba is the founder of WAW Creative Arts the first Faith (Islamic) Creative Arts School. Nusaiba is better known as the only female finalist on National TV Qiraat Competition in 2006 and for her work as a creative in the fashion industry. Her work and profile within the modest fashion industry has been featured on a number of mainstream platforms such as BBC, Channel 4, British Vogue and Evening Standard in the UK. Nusaiba has also received press in international media outlets – MBC, Vogue Arabia and TV3 in Malaysia and many more.
I’m a Muslim beauty/fashion blogger, mother to a 3-year-old beautiful daughter. After I had my daughter my body and metabolism changed. From never gaining any weight I started to put on weight very easily. Regardless of being super confident, I started to feel conscious of my body. This campaign is a great reminder and empowering to women that no one is perfect and we are all perfect with our imperfections.