Our Vintage Rose Bride at Asian Bride Live

T H E L O O K....

The vintage rose theme was Inspired by the embroidery off the bridal jacket which then allowed Raishma to become truly immersed in the concept.

T H E O U T F I T...

The bridal piece came about from a trip that Raishma had made to Kensington Palace where she was inspired from the beautiful gardens and colours. It was from this that the rose pink base colour began, the layering of colours in soft hues of pinks, reds, purples and a light touch of green throughout encapsulating the traditional English garden look.

T H E H A I R & M A K E U P...

Creating this look was never a chore but rather the complete opposite! Discussing over text, phone calls and a lot of cups of tea, the 'Vintage Rose Bride' was born... We went to Gini to create the look, and she chose an innovative approach away from the normal Asian bridal hair and make up. Channeling a Victorian 1860s white powdered face and rosey plump cheeks, she finished off with a voluminous messy up do. The Vintage Rose Bride was complete and ready to walk the catwalk!

Collaborating with Gini after knowing and seeing her large array of work was a but rather a pleasure.

Taking inspiration right from the outfit itself, mimicking the floral embroidery work from the jacket to make the elaborate yet chic hair accessories produced by Irresistible Headdresses.

See below the behind the scenes pictures, for more magnificent pictures check out Raishma or Gini Bhogal

Keep your eyes pealed for the fabulous looks we are about to create at the Asiana Bridal Show, hosted at Lancaster Hotel 8th February 2015...


Jewellery provided for the bride was given to us by Nusaybah of NK Collection