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What to wear to a Sikh Wedding

If you've never attended a Sikh wedding before you're probably not sure what to wear. Here are a few suggestions on what you wear and what to avoid.
In Sikh tradition, a wedding ceremony is a celebration of a 'Blissful Union' wearing bright joyful colours is encouraged. However, dull monochromatic colours such as black and white are not usually worn. The bride usually wears red, so this may be a colour you want to avoid. Our Green Mila Gown is the perfect gown to be worn. The silhouette of the gown is elegant and the vibrant green is the perfect addition!
Green Mila Gown
Unlike Muslim weddings, you are able to show a bit more skin. Midis and shorter skirts are not really worn, but you are able to show a midriff and your shoulders. If you are attending the ceremony in the temple you should bring a scarf or pashmina as you will be required to cover bare shoulders and arms.
Our Blush Crop Top and Skirt is the perfect outfit for a Sikh wedding. This look is similar to a traditional Choli Blouse and Lehenga. Our crop top would also work well with a plain silk Sari for another traditional look.
Bear in mind that the religious ceremony in the temple (or the Gurdwara) will be approximately 45 minutes where you will be sat on the carpeted floor. You are expected to sit cross-legged for this time - this will prove difficult if you are wearing a tight or restrictive outfit. So keep this in mind when choosing your perfect dress,
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