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What to wear this Valentine's Day

With Valentine’s Day fast approaching it’s now time to start finding your perfect outfit! Whether you are spending it with a partner or your friends you want to feel empowered and confident on February 14th. To help you do this we have written a helpful guide for you to find not only the perfect outfit but the right colour palette for this holiday. Different colours can portray different emotions and messages to your loved ones, read our guide and find out what to wear!
The colour red symbolizes deep love and romance to your loved ones. A scarlet red will show off the intensity and love that you have for another on this day. While dressing head to toe in red may be over the top, a pop of red is a tasteful way of sending this message. A satin shirt dress, like our Pandora Dress, can hint at deep love with vibrant, red florals.
Pandora Dress
For a more formal and elegant look, the Burgundy Laurel Gown will give you a flattering and beaded look of love.
Burgundy Laurel Dress
Pink symbolizes good health and spirits, as well as unity. The pink and white Louise dress offers a satin V-neck dress for this special occasion. The pairing with white makes for a light and sweet look.
Louise Dress
Pink Maya Dress
The Maya Pink Dress is another great option if you are looking for some added yellow and orange, which signal passion and desire in love.
Whatever you choose to do this Valentine’s Day make sure you dress for you to be the most confident version of yourself! We hope this guide makes for a lovely and stylish Valentine’s Day for you.
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