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Wedding Dresses 2021 - Raishma's Guide

Don’t let your search for the perfect wedding dress turn you into a Bridezilla! With so many styles to choose from it can become an overwhelming process. Finding that perfect dress can reduce the stress of planning the rest of your wedding. Your wedding day will be one of the most special days of your life. With all eyes upon you, you want to make sure you make the best first impression. Knowing your body type and the various gown silhouettes is the first step to help you find your ideal dress.

The A-line is universally flattering and complementary of most body types. The top is fitted through the waist gradually falling into a soft flair resembling the letter “A”. A very similar style is the Ball gown which also has a fitted top but flares dramatically from the hip. The Ball gown can be worn by all body types but seem best for slender or pear shaped brides. Very petite, shorter brides may find it is not the most complimentary style for them as it can be overwhelming for their size. Both styles are romantic and beautiful.

A Line and Ball Bridal Gowns

The Sheath or Column flows straight down from the neckline to the hem. It’s a narrow shape that works best with lean or athletic body types. This silhouette can give you a very elegant look as well as the illusion of being taller.

Sheath and Column Bridal Dress

For those looking to show off their curves, the Mermaid, Trumpet and Fit and Flair are the styles to look at. These silhouettes are very sleek and sexy. All three are very similar starting with their body-hugging design from the chest to the waist. Where they differ is in the bottom flare. The Mermaid starts its flare at or below the knees. The trumpet flares at the thigh elongating the legs. The Fit and Flare term really describes all dresses that have a fitted bodice and flared bottom, but Fit and Flare gowns typically are the least dramatic. These dresses follow your natural curves and gradually widen into a fuller, flowy skirt; usually fitting slightly looser than the Mermaid or Trumpet.

Mermaid Trumpet Bridal Gown

Although there are others, these silhouettes will give you a good place to start. The perfect dress might not be realistic if you are having a winter wonderland wedding. Don’t worry about finding another dress you can wear pieces that will look like they were meant to be part of the dress! A beautiful Bolero can be long sleeves to keep you warm but is short where it goes down the body, so it won’t hide the beauty of the dress. Another option for your big day is a fur wrap this helps to give you some warmth without spoiling the silhouette of the dress. There are many options of accessories for your big day for different occasions, styles and themes. Shop our full range of bridal gowns here.

Bolero Fur Coats

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