Tips on choosing plus size bridal wear

Every bride wants a perfect dress in the right size for their wedding day. For curvier and bigger sized women finding an appropriate dress can prove to be difficult as material proportions don’t always accommodate each area. At Raishma, we recognise the struggle that some brides may have; but can guide you into finding a dress that complements and enhances your best features.
For more information on recognising your body type, visit our previous post ‘How to dress for your body shape.’
When choosing a dress, it important to identify what assets you want to accentuate. If you want to enhance your bust opt for a dress with a v-neck. If not, try something with a boat neckline for more coverage. Once you have identified and considered what you want and don’t want to draw attention to, the process to finding your perfect dress begins.
Jayne bridal gown
Our ‘Jayne’ bridal gown is a beautiful v-neck choice with all over white and pearl embellishments. The long sheer sleeves are perfect if you are looking for something that doesn’t completely show your arms but still reveals some skin. The flowy skirt is not only practical for the dance floor but wouldn’t draw attention to the legs with it being a loose fit. 
Snow bridal gown
Our ‘snow’ bridal gown is also a stunning and flattering dress for plus sizes. The ballgown skirt will give you that princess image when you are dancing but also conceal your lower half. The cap sleeves do reveal the arms however, but the bodice and back are central to this dress with gorgeous delicate beading covering the skin.
Be sure to have a look on our ‘bride page’ and our Instagram page for more inspiration on styles to choose from for plus/bigger sizes. Please note we go up to a UK size 16.