Red is The New Black

Red. The colour of love, passion and bold realness. It's the perfect complimentary addition to the pastels of Winter and will add a pop of colour to your life. From cocktail dresses to casual tops, to evening gowns, here a few favourite pops of red of ours to brighten up your January blues

 Raishma's High Frill Skater Dress
With it's signature pleated bell sleeves, this wine coloured midi dress emits elegance and high fashion. It's embillishments on the neckline and arms adds detail while not taking away from the actual design.


Shop it now on our website for only £199.00!

High Collar Slim Embroidered Maxi
With sensual vibes and a perfect fit to accentuate your figure in the best way, the High Collar Slim Embroidered maxi dress is a stunning and sexy evening gown with silver embroidery all over. This high neck slim-fitting dress elongates your body, also making you look taller. high-collar-slim-embroidered-maxi-01.66Shop this now on , on sale for £199.00!
If you're feeling a little bit more casual, yet still want to dress in style, the roses blouse is perfect for you! Made from georgette, the shirt is part of Raishma's AW17 collection, and has delicate rose beading. The pops of red contrast with the black, creating a complimentary blend between the two. Style this tucked into our black maxi skirt or just trousers! roses-shirt-01.66Shop for this now on, now for £135.00!!
And those are our picks for bold red realness, but there are so many more to choose from! Try it out to add more confidence and passion into your life! Stay fabulous! x