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Raishma's Event Dress Code

As if deciding what to wear on a normal day isn’t hard enough! Invitations arrive, and there’s a dress code!! Ugh, what a dilemma! If you do it up, you run the risk of overshadowing the party’s host. On the other-hand, be too casual and you might have to suffer whispers. Hopefully, this guide will help manoeuver you through the wardrobe minefield.
Semi-formal attire. This look falls somewhere between what you’d wear to the office, but has less formality than a cocktail event. You could add a dash of gemstones or a bit of bling. Word to the wise: don’t over do it or it will start to look more like a costume. Semi-formal lengths run from short to maxi dresses.

The cocktail dress. This look is a bit fancier than semi-formal but conversely a little less rigid than black tie optional. The cocktail dress is popular event attire. You will find most cocktail dresses are typically knee-length. If the event is in the evening, why not go for a darker colour conservative dress? If the event is scheduled for the daytime, something lighter and comfortable might be more appropriate. One caveat, try to avoid cocktail dresses in mini and maxi lengths. The most classic cocktail dress is the LBD or little black dress.

Black tie optional. BTO could be the most challenging and confusing style request. Dressing a man BTO is easy, but you will not find much difference for women between black tie, and black tie optional. The main difference is a BTO dress allows you to show the ankle. If you do decide to go shorter for a black tie event it should be quite fancy and more along the style lines of the LBD.

Black tie. Black tie is most often worn at an evening event. Women are expected to wear floor length gowns. Black tie is a little less formal than a white tie event. You might even get away with a luxurious cocktail dress! Women should avoid anything overly tight or with gaping slits. To be on the safe side stay away from anything considered tacky!! Stay away from short dresses and again shy away from that bawdy over the top jewelry. Simple is better when it comes to bracelets and necklaces.

White Tie. The most formal invitation you can receive is the one requesting white tie attire. White tie can also be called full evening dress. This is a posh gathering. At this high-caliber event guests are expected to present themselves with grace and dignity. White tie is reserved for very unique or prestigious events. Guests will go the extra mile to look grand. Women should don floor length gowns, jewelry, and heels for an elegant look. Only during a white tie event would you expect to see long gloves added to the finish the ensemble.

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