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Nothing in Your Closet? Check Out Raishma's Favourite Prints!

We all know what it's like feeling like we've got nothing to wear in our closets, rummaging through hangers feeling like nothing is good enough. Maybe you can't find that particular top or your favorite skirt is dirty. Whatever it is, we totally get it. That's why we asked Raishma, the designer herself, for her top picks so you never have to worry about your outfit again.
Raishma Aspen Orange Dress Printed
Starting off strong we have the Aspen Orange dress. This dress is a top pick for Raishma for many reasons. First, notice how your eyes immediately landed on her in this picture? The bold color is perfect for catching attention without being too distracting. Its pattern itself can be dressed up, making it the perfect dress to wear to a formal occasion if needed. This dress is also great for warmer weather; its crinkled georgette fabric makes it breathable even in the hot, London sun.
Blair Dress Raishma Studio Print
Raishma's next pick is the Blair Dress. This colorful piece is a gorgeous example of contrast and is perfect for dressing up or down. Choose to bring out the beautiful pinks with a bright lip like Raishma, or pair with a nude lip and sandals for a more relaxed look. You can also pair it with a white blazer for work; it's so versatile, no wonder Raishma loves this dress!
Priscilla Dress Raishma Studio Print
Feeling bold? Check out the Priscilla Dress. This dress features an elegant yellow and white print with frills and a detachable belt. Raishma loves how the white in this print matches her white trainers at home. Her favorite accessory to pair with this dress is a dark green clutch; consider doing the same! Nothing stands out more than a coordinated color contrast.
While she loves every piece she's designed, you now know the dresses Raishma likes to wear the most. Bring out your boldness, elegance, and fashionable style in these picks. Shop these styles and similar ones under "Raishma Studio" today xx
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