Modest Fashion Favourites From Raishma

We have the perfect modest occasion dresses for any event! Our collection of modest dresses is made to make you feel both confident and comfortable. Our modest dresses allow you to stay true to your beliefs while also looking your best! Any of our dresses with sheer sleeves can be lined as well! Check out some of our favorite modest dresses below from both our Raishma Studio collection, and our Ready to Wear Collection.
 Cassie Gown
The Cassie Gown is absolutely stunning. This cape gown features intricate embroidery making it the perfect modest evening dress.
Maya Dress
The Maya Dress is an elegant long sleeve dress featuring a placket collar, button fastenings down the centre with a detachable belt. This dress makes the perfect modest piece, and the best part is it comes in three colors: pink, blue, and yellow!
Aspen Dress
The Aspen Dress features a contrasting print, central buttons, and bishop sleeves. This dress is perfect to dress up or keep casual. Our Aspen Dress comes in two colors: orange and white.
Cyra Gown
The Cyra Gown is absolutely stunning with elegant stonework. This modest dress will make you feel glamorous at your next event making it the perfect modest occasion dress.
No matter the occasion, Raishma has the perfect modest dress for you!