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Behind The Scenes with Jasmin Walia

Last week we had the pleasure of dressing Jasmin Walia for a photoshoot with Asiana Magazine. We dressed her in some of our new collection of saris, while also showing a sneak peek into some of the outfits that are coming soon, which you may have already seen on our Instagram and Twitter pages! Jasmin looked absolutely stunning in our range of saris, including our new red and gold mirror work sari. Roshni did the hair and makeup, and she gave Jasmin a bold red lip and a fake bob hairstyle to complement the sari and the vintage Hollywood glamour makeup. Jasmin_Ross-redsari The waist belt, or kamar band, on the sari really accentuated Jasmin’s waist and showed off her petite figure even more than a regular sari would. The belt is included with the sari, and the tie-ups feature stunning red and mirror latkans. The mirror work on the sari blouse and the belt offers a much more traditional Indian look rather than the fusion wear that is prominent within our collection, which is ideal for Asian weddings and parties. _W7R4715_blog Jasmin also wore our new grey and neon sari, which comes with a short blouse and fully embroidered long sleeves. The sari is a black and grey ombre style, with a thick neon pink and yellow border matched with green and silver earrings and necklace jewellery set. Roshni simply made Jasmin’s lip a brighter red, and styled her hair in a high bun. grey_neonsari The sari looks stunning on and is available both online and in store. Style the pallu on the shoulder, rather than draping off the arm, to show off the intricate embroidery on the blouse sleeves. _W7R4877_blog We also styled Jasmin in our new orange and turquoise butterfly sari, which features a stunning orange blouse with a keyhole slit at the back and a butterfly motif. The blouse is sleeveless and comes with a butterfly printed turquoise sari, which has the pallu already pleated and stitched in place. Roshni gave Jasmin a bright orangey lip to complement the sari, and styled her hair out with long open curls. orange_butterflysari _W7R4919 dps_blog Jasmin also modelled one of our new evening gowns, which is available in store on a made to order basis. The gold dress features an embellished bodice, with ribbon work, embroidery, and stonework, with a mesh panel on the back. The skirt is gold net with a gold lining, and flares out in the ultimate princess cut.
This dress starts at £500 and can be customized to your size and specifications – the colour can be changed, as well as the level of work along the bodice. You can also have the flare on the skirt adjusted for more of a straight cut, or add even more flare if you like. Book an appointment or come in to be measured for the dress. _W7R4659_blog Finally, we dressed Jasmin in one of Raishma’s newest designs – a crop top with a long taffeta skirt. We previously showed a sneak peak of a similar design in black on our Instagram, and our newest design comes in a very light blush shade, with slightly different work along the crop top. Jasmin_Ross-crop Jasmin looked stunning in the outfit, which really helped to showcase the vintage Hollywood glamour that the shoot encompassed. Roshni kept Jasmin’s hair out, with one side pinned behind her hair, and gave her a deep purple lip colour to add to the vintage Hollywood glamour. The blouse of the outfit features sequin beadwork in blush colours, and is cropped to above the navel. The skirt is made of taffeta and flares out, making the wearer seem taller. blushdress This outfit is part of Raishma’s new collection, which will be available soon. Make sure you sign up to our newsletter and follow us online to find out when the new collection will be available for you to buy! _W7R4533_blog The latest issue of Asiana Magazine, which features our outfits modelled by Jasmin, is out now.
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