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Raishma's Visit to India

At Raishma, we are dedicated to delivering the best quality dresses to our customers. Each beaded and light-beaded dress is carefully handmade, adding a touch of character and uniqueness to each garment. The dresses are all made in Delhi, India, where the artisans use traditional skills handed down from previous generations to restore lost craft traditions.

This past week, Raishma visited India for the first time since the COVID-19 pandemic to check-in with the factory and create new samples for future designs. Raishma personally sketches each design by hand then pulls together the color, fabric, and beading inspiration before each piece is sampled. Check out the photos below for some behind the scenes footage whilst the gowns are in production.

The launch of Raishma Studio in 2021 has provided 500 jobs to local tailors in Delhi. They work in a new 20,000 square foot factory which provides good working conditions and fair wages. Raishma got to see the new factory on this trip for the first time! We are all proud as a team of what we have managed to achieve as a small brand to create job opportunities in poorer communities.

Each Raishma Studio piece is again designed by Raishma and then the inspiration theme for each print then goes to our print designers who work with Raishma herself to create beautiful unique prints. These have become our signature for the print collection.

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