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Beautiful Wedding Stationary by Raishma and Ananya

Raishma is thrilled to announce her latest collaboration with award-winning Stationery brand Ananya Raishma’s unique handwriting reflects a harmonised blend of mixing eastern and western cultures to curate gorgeous gowns and separates. Previously scoping out to accessories with a line of handbags and scarves, Raishma has now dipped her toes into the stationery industry in collaboration with Ananya. Ananya, founded by creative individual Vaishali Shah, encompasses beautifully curated stationery with a bespoke offering for weddings and special events. Vaishali has expressed herself as a lover of luxury and follower of Fashion. Vaishali is passionate about creating stationery that truly reflects the unique culture, style and personality of an individual or couple. Thus, you can see the natural attraction that brought these two brands and personalities together. Ananya x Raishma notecards10_preview Ananya x Raishma notecards13_previewThe innovative duo have joined their passions to develop a series of exclusive notecards that are elegant and sophisticated. Complimentary of Raishma’s designs, the cards take inspiration from Raishma’s SS18 season collection. Gold foil represent the threads of gold that run throughout, pastel florals reflect the intricate 3D embroidery and the colour combination echo the collection’s colour palette. Vaishali has been able to encapsulate the key motifs of Raishma’s current range and translate them perfectly on paper. Founder and Designer Raishma Islam said, “I am thrilled to be collaborating with Vaishali. I have been very fond of Vaishali’s work for years, not only her stationery but her charitable work, work ethos and the strong values she stands for. It’s great to see another British Asian Entrepreneur using their roots as a creative source to produce something that is special and unique. I think it’s wonderful that we have been able to use our common ground of love for fashion, little luxuries and culture to create a wonderful product.” Founder and Creative Director Vaishali Shah said, “Raishma’s eastern background, gorgeous apparel with a mainstream appeal, and colours that are very Ananya, made her an excellent choice for collaboration. I love Raishma’s Spring Summer 2018 collection with its vibrant colours and patterns which are very much in line with the Ananya style. In an increasingly digital age, it’s a treat to receive a lovely handwritten note or greeting card, and writing one is a sure way to make the recipient feel special.” Ananya x Raishma notecards12_preview Ananya x Raishma notecards3_preview The note cards designed by Raishma and Vaishali are limited edition and will be available to buy in store at Raishma’s Marylebone boutique and online store and via the Ananya website www.ananyacards.com.
Ananya x Raishma notecards10_preview
Ananya x Raishma notecards13_preview
Ananya x Raishma notecards12_preview
Ananya x Raishma notecards3_preview
Ananya x Raishma notecards3_preview
Ananya x Raishma notecards12_preview
Ananya x Raishma notecards13_preview
Ananya x Raishma notecards10_preview
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