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5 Ways to Make a Positive Start to 2018

Last year may have had it's ups and downs, but the best year yet could be up ahead! With the start of 2018 having arrived with a bang, we all need some more positivity to make our year as fabulous as we are. So here are some tips to help you with some New Year's happiness!


Seems rather basic, but to do lists will be the start of your organisation, from shopping, to daily plans. This will help relieve stress and break down thoughts into actions. Furthermore, nothing beats the satisfaction of ticking off a box after completing a part of your list!

A Confident Wardrobe

Wearing an outfit which makes you feel good, will instantly uplift your mood and bring positivity and self love into your life. Update your wardrobe with fashionable yet comfortable clothing which will give you the self confidence to take over the world! We recommend:

Black shirt with white beading detail. Which is perfect for daily wear, extremely stylish and affordable. Find this now in our sale at only £49.00!

Bullet Journaling

Find it boring and a chore to write down all your important details and to do lists? A bullet journal is a creative, fun and exciting way to set up your week. Layout your goals, meal plans, to do lists and other doodles in a cutely decorated journal. Personal to one's self, a bullet journal allows you to look forward to the week by using colourful pens, Washi tape, and stickers, and create memories for you to look back on.


Keeping a gorgeous green plant in your room or even a few small cacti is another way to uplift your mood throughout the year. Keeping plants around you will not only allow for a more natural surrounding and aesthetically pleasing environment, but it is also known to psychologically increase positivity and happiness.

Memory Jar

The process of a memory jar is one that should be done throughout the year in which every single happy and great moment that happens should be written down in a small paper, folded and placed in a jar. These will collect throughout the year and on new year's eve, can be opened to reveal all the happy memories and important points of 2018. You'd be surprised how much we forget! Memory jars will help you realise what a wonderful year it has been. We hope you enjoyed our tips for adding motivation and positivity throughout your 2018 to make this year a wonderful year filled with happiness!
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