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3 Fashionable ways to drape your saree with a belt

Pairing your saree with a statement belt is one of the hottest trends in Asian fashion this season. Emphasizing your waistline and hips with a belt will give you a feminine hour glass body shape and will provide you with additional support to make sure your saree doesn't come off during the day.

In most instances where the saree is supported by a belt, the pallu is draped twice and falls on the front, rather than at the back over the shoulder. Here are three ways to add a twist to your saree with a belt.

  1. Saree with a wide high-waist belt. Try wearing a wide waistline belt with the pallu tucked in on front. The belt below reminds of a corset and emphasises the waistline, creating a structured look. When replicating this look, make sure you drape your saree well and leave enough fabric at the back so that you don’t feel restricted on the arms. Tarum Tahiliani’s saree below, shown at Wills Lifestyle India AW 14, features a silk saree in blue with contrasting red borders. The fabric and heavily beaded choli with high neck create a luxurious look, appropriate for special events.

Give this look a more practical feel with a softer lighter fabric and pair with a wide leather belt for an edgy on trend look. Here we've styled our black saree in a similar way and added a fun kimono with flower detailing to break the monochrome look.

Belted saree by Raishma SS14

2. Saree with a medium-width belt. Let the pallu fall gently in front and cover both of your shoulders. The border on the georgette saree below matches the thinner waist belt with metallic elements and completes the look. The fabric, double draping, exquisitely embroidered choli and collar necklace create a sophisticate and regal feel that is ideal for attending official events. With a saree draped like this, you would not need much jewellry. Aside from the statement necklace, the model here is only wearing a pair of earrings and golden rings with no stonework.

We would recommend trying this look with our stunning butterfly print saree and coordinate it with a matching beaded belt in green, red or even silver.

3. Saree with a statement stone belt low at hips. Here the pallu is stitched to a fishtail skirt with an embellished belt with large crystals. This look would work well with sarees made of sheer light fabrics as the one below. This style radiates confidence and femininity. The colour combination of pink and silver is an on trend summer style. The choli with thin straps reminds me of the '90s corseted bodices that are on trend in the fashion world right now.

Which style will you try this summer? Tell us in the comments below!

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