Asian Styles

Here at Raishma's we are LOVING our Asian styled outfits. In fact, so many of our designs and garments, be them couture or ready to wear, are influenced by the Indian and Pakistani fashion waves!

Here are some of the styles of various Asian clothing you can find!


From high back to low back, traditional to modern, beaded to threaded, the traditional sari remains to be the most well known cultural Indian wrap. It has it's own style and way of wrapping and portrays elegance and extreme beauty through style and colour. A sari represents everything within culture, fashion, and colour.

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Anarkali Churidar

The churidar is the timeless fashionable outfit with gorgeous tops and dresses, and tight-fitting trousers to match. Being a variant of the 'Shalwaar', the churidar cuffs at the ankles and makes for a perfect Indian suit, ready for any occasion!


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With a range of many cropped tops, it is paired with a skirt, perhaps heavily patterned along with a dupatta. This style of indian outfit is often worn at weddings and shows. It is in fact an aesthetic blend of the traditional saree and a lehnga choli.


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And there we have it: some of the various Asian styles you will see within the fashion world!

Have a great week!