Wrap Up Christmas

The countdown for Christmas is on, and with only four more days to go wrapping is the number one priority on all of our list. Of course, lets not forget about eating, because that's always a top priority, especially at Christmas! banner When it comes to wrapping presents, we all strive for crisp edges tied together with the perfect pretty bow, unfortunately that isn't always the case. Instead we end up with a present packaged with lumps, gaps and there always seems to be sellotape stuck in the weirdest of place. If that sounds like you, don't worry, as we've prepared some quick and simple tips to help you achieve beautifully wrapped presents that will impress all your family and friends. First of all collect all your materials; presents, wrapping paper, sellotape, scissors and ribbon. To ensure the correct amount of paper is used, roll out the paper, place the present in the middle and roll it across the paper to make sure all sides are covered. Cut your paper leaving some to spare. Wrap one side of the paper and tape it secure to the present, repeat with the other side making sure it's tightly wrapped and there are no bumps. Using your fingers create tight sharp creases on all four edges. Starting on one side, fold down the top half of the paper until it meets the present, creating two wings on either side. use your finger to tightly crease them and fold them towards the present. Fold the last piece of paper upwards, crease tightly and secure with tape. Repeat the previous step on the remaining side and you're finished! Decorate with a bow, ribbon and name tag. Odd shaped gifts are always a nightmare to wrap, but making a custom bag from wrapping paper is the answer to your prayers. Begin with a piece of wrapping paper, fold the side edges horizontally towards middle , overlap slightly and secure with tape. Fold the bottom edge up 2 inches press down tightly to create a sharpe edge. Open up the bottom and fold the two side corners inwards to create triangles on each side, press down and crease. Fold the top and bottom edges inwards, over lapping slightly, crease and secure with tape Ensure the bottom is completely as the present will drop straight out if not secured. Add the present into the bag, fold down the flap and secure with tape and pretty bow! We hope that our top tips have helped you with your wrapping woes and your gifts look gorgeous under your Christmas tree. From the Raishma team to you, we wish you a very merry Christmas and we hope you enjoy the most wonderful time of the year!