Summer Favourites

Summer favs products
 Summer is the enjoyable, sunny season from June till early September. That leaves one more month for us to share our Raishma summer favourites! And who knows, you might find something you fancy too? What doesn’t happen in Summer? … It’s the season where an array of outfits and accessories are a necessity!
June | Mildly sunny with occasional showers Whilst stepping into Summer, we loved how casual and transition appropriate a lightweight shirt looked. Our dusty blue pussybow with floral embroidery, is the perfect piece to step into Summer with. The lightweight fabric ensures breathability and comfort. Furthermore, the sheer characteristic of the fabric, allows you to layer it as the day gets chilly. Whether paired with a printed top underneath or a jumper over the top, this shirt is incredibly versatile. Not only that, the peaks of embellishing on the shoulders, adds a special touch when the sun is out and glimmers, which is always a smile-maker.
July | Consistently hot The temperature has settled and Summer is truly at its peak! Friends and family relish in the weather and July officially becomes the social month of the season. From weddings, parties and family get-togethers, you’re all over the place. So, what do you wear? … A cocktail dress Raishma has a wonderful selection of embellished cocktail dresses that hit just below the knee or above. Our first favourite is the floral and frill midi dress. This dress has been incredibly popular instore and online. In fact, we’ve had some very thrilled customers, who’ve shared their look on Instagram too. Whether you’re attending an ascot, wedding or even an evening party, this dress is always a crowd-pleaser. With hints of red, green and pink, this dress can be accessorised in many ways. Want a few ideas? Let the dress do all the talking – Pair the dress with nude heels and a matching clutch. It ties in the accessories well with the base colour of the dress, without taking the impact away from the colours in the beading. Go hard or go home – Grab a silver fascinator, statement ring and strappy silver/grey sandals. This looks brings out the sparkle in the dress and makes sure you’re ready to party from head to toe. Bold – Select one of the main colours from the dress. Red, green or pink. Our personal pick is red. Pair the dress with an orange toned red lip, bold stood earrings and matching strappy sandals and clutch. This will bring out the red in the dress and will make a lasting impression. Our other favourite cocktail dress is the zig zag embellished tunic. We love this because it’s so simple and timeless. Available in ice blue, mauve and coffee this dress is perfect. With detailing along the neckline, the dress does not require a necklace. Personally, we think a bracelet or stood earrings would pair nicely.  The shape of this dress isn’t too constricting and allows breathability, so feel free to indulge in party food.
August | A few showers and hot nights August is the perfect season for a long dress. It provides comfort, air flow and little more coverage for some cool breezes. Recently, our pearl beaded gown has caught a lot of attention. It exposes the decollate with a v-cut, whilst holding modesty with a straight cut at the bottom of the neckline. The beading is situated along the top and the rest is a lightweight fabric which is also used to cinch the waist in. It is truly elegant. September | Autumn is coming Our one shoulder gown in gold is a bestseller. It is available as a churidar, short dress or long gown. It is perfect for September as it is embellished and perfect for windy weather. The one-shoulder detail adds enough coverage to stay warm.
That’s our Summer favourites and they’re still all available, so if you see anything you fancy, just pop online or instore to find out more.
Till then, happy shopping x