How to dress for your body shape

Fortunately, we humans are unique individuals who come in all shapes and sizes. The key to conveying our style through fashion is not simply following the latest trends, but understanding the shape of our own bodies, and complimenting and enhancing it with the appropriate outfit.

So, where do you start from in finding out what your body type is and how to accentuate your best features? There are a few general guidelines for body types. Firstly, look at the table below and try to match your body shape to one of the types shown below.


Image via WikiHow

Apple shaped bodies’ main feature is a bust area 3-4 inches wider than the hips and a less defined waist. If you recognise yourself as apple shaped, remember these three fashion rules:

  1. Draw attention away from your waist and shoulders
  2. Emphasize on your thighs and bottom
  3. Emphasize on your neck and bust

Your main goal is to visually reduce the upper part of your body by giving definition to the lower body. V-necks are a perfect match for apple shaped women. Most V-neck tees and dresses normally feature a low cut, so if you are troubled by exposing too much, try an outfit such as our coral knee-length churidar suit, also available as dress only. The straight cut of the dress will equalize the bust-waist-hips proportion and will give you a structured look.

V-neck coral churidar dress suit by Raishma SS14 perfect for Apple shaped body type

Elizabeth Hurley is a great example of an apple body type. Let’s take a look at her staple look to decode the secrets of the apple shaped body.

Notice the waistline emphasis on the pink dress Liz is wearing here. It creates the illusion of an hourglass figure by capitalising on the deep V-neck top and A-line bottom half. It is important to note the simplicity of the dress – one colour and no fringes or other distractions that would make the top half of her body appear heavy; it is the ultimate apple shaped body dress.


A traditional Asian suit that compliments an apple shaped body would be anarkali or kurta style outfits with wider lower parts. Try one of these styles put emphasis on your waist. The embroidery along the hemline will add that ethnic touch to your outfit.

Gold with red threat knee length dress, also available as churidar suit

Ice blue churidar suit with flare dress, also available as dress only 

Floor length peach kaftan with fitted waist

Asian suits and dresses that suit apple shaped body types

According to a recent research almost half of women (approx. 45%) have a rectangular body shape. In this case the proportion between bust-waist-hips creates almost a straight line on the side of the body. To get a more feminine figure, follow these tips:

  1. Avoid the boyish silhouette by emphasizing your waist as much as possible. Use waist belts or wrap tops.
  2. Unfortunately, you will have to forget about boyfriend jeans, saggy pants and the like.
  3. Give your silhouette volume with statement accessories. Try layered necklaces and ethnic jewellry with large stones.

Choose tops, dresses and skirts with riffles and fringes. They will add texture and volume to your figure, creating the feminine curvy silhouette. Check out Anushka Sharma’s style for some inspiration. Layers, riffles, one shoulder dresses are a must-have in your wardrobe if you have a rectangular body shape.


Here are a few styles you can add to your wardrobe right now to accentuate your best features.

Black with gold thread tunic suit, also available as dress only

Ivory and taupe organza suit, also available as dress only

Teal A-line churidar suit, also available as dress only

Add texture and volume with fringes

When you think pear body shape, think Beyoncé and Kim Kardashian! The hips and bottom are significantly larger than the bust; the waist is slim. The three main rules for dressing appropriately for your pear shaped body type are:

  1. Draw attention to the upper body with necklaces, scarves, brooches and earrings
  2. Wear lightweight fabrics such as georgette to avoid adding additional texture and volume to your body
  3. Black trousers are your best friend

While you might want to hide your luscious hips, most celebs with pear shaped bodies take full advantage of them. Kim loves fitted dresses and Beyonce wears skinny jeans and leggings on casual days out. Just remember to leave the cargo pants out of your wardrobe.


Try A-line skirts and dresses to camouflage your hips and ruffled tops to balance your proportions.

Boho gold net churidar suit, also available as dress only

Black and red anarkali style suit, also available as dress only

Navy and multi colour embroidery anarkali style suit

Asian suits for pear shaped body types

If you’re lucky enough to have an hourglass shaped body, you have complete freedom in choosing what to wear. The equal measurements between bust and hips create a perfect feminine silhouette which you can flatter by showing off your curves. Choose dresses and outfits that follow your natural curves without giving away too much. Wear pencil skirts at knee-length, skinny jeans and simple tops with scoop necklines.

Bollywood diva Priyanka Chopra has mastered the art of dressing perfectly for her hourglass figure.


Make the best of your crème de la crème body in a saree or fitted dresses and Asian suits that define your waist. Here are a few style you must try.

Orange saree with beaded choli

Red beaded knee length dress, also available as churidar suit 

Charcoal beaded churidar suit, also available as dress only

What to wear hourglass body type