Award Show Ready! Glam Makeup looks

It is award season and fashion week season mayhem these upcoming months! Therefore, we thought we could suggest some stunning looks, tips and products to help glow up your glam look! Be it the red carpet, the runway, or date night;  fit with the perfect outfit, you'll be ready for any glamorous event in no time!


Use a subtle pressed gold or bronze glitter in the entire of your lid for golden goddess halo effect. This will allow for your eyes to appear bigger. Ensure to blend this well with a transition colour shadow in your crease such as a burgundy or rust. Be careful when using loose glitter, while the pigment is perfection, the fall out can break the look. Use glitter sparingly!  We suggest a liquid glitter liner such as Urban Decay's. Not only does the precise brush allow you to apply glitter to your eyeliner with no fall out, but you can spread it out with a pat of your finger to create a shadow like glitter effect for the lid!


Even if wings are part of your daily routine, a slight change in the style, can lift your look to the skies!

A thin long winged liner portrays elegance and ethereal perfection. Not only this, but it gives the illusion of more lifted cheekbones. A thick winged cat liner not only creates a hot and sassy vibe, but it also allows for a more heavier look if your outfit is a bit more simple. Pair this with a nude lip and you are good to go! If you're not feeling up to a wing, that's okay! Create a chic and stylish look with a top lid eyeliner that ends just before the wings start. The rounded sharp edge allows for the eyes to appear more fresh and awake and can be paired easily with any eyeshadow!


For a glam look, one must glow, glow, glow! For cooler skin, a purple highlighter is a gorgeous way to add a pop to your look, no matter how simple it is. And use a more gold or pink for warmer skin tones. This is usually applied on your inner corner of the eye, cheekbones, bridge of the nose, cupids bow, brow bones... in fact, you can apply it everywhere! Go all out!


This season is all about the gloss when it comes to lips. Keep them hydrated! Apply a clear gloss to any coloured liner or lipstick to add a luscious shine, to your lips. A trick with gloss is that you can apply in on your lids and cheekbones for a more dewy look!