5 Ways To Make Your Home Feel Christmassy

Christmas is right around the corner, which means its time to introduce a little festive aesthetic into your home. Lights Bringing in dainty flickers of light in your home, produces a warm halo of light, making your home the ultimate lounging area. Whether they are the classic LEDs or the wired kind, they perfectly capture the sparkles of Christmas. Intertwining them into faux foliage, garlands or along the banister, adds a special touch, guaranteed to evoke Christmas memories. Candles Similarly, scented candles infuse your home with decadent aromas associated to the holiday season. Pine, cinnamon, candy cane and more. You’re bound to find candles with your favourite Christmas scent. Don’t overpower any room with multiple scents. Keep it clean and simple. However, for those Christmas lovers, we suggest a scent per room. Burning a scented candle amongst non-scented candles and tea lights of variant heights looks homely assorted at the end of the staircase or dining table. Furthermore, with the addition of faux foliage such as holly or a berry assortment, it adds a personalised festive touch. Baking Christmas treats Scents of ginger, cinnamon and mint evoke the nostalgia of baking fresh Christmas treats. Whether it was gingerbread or spiced pomander balls, nothing says Christmas more than a selection of festive treats on the kitchen counter. Baking mince pies is the ultimate Christmas sweet treat. The crumbling pastry pie paired with the rich flavours of red berry mincemeat oozes indulgence. Spiced pomander balls add a citrusy burst into any home. Pierced with cloves, the orange releases spurts of sweet and deep aromatic richness throughout your home. To top it all off, we suggest a Christmas cupboard or jar, stocked with family favourite savoury and sweet snacks to get everyone in the festive mood. Foliage We all know a Christmas tree instantly says Christmas, but what about adding more greenery. Faux foliage is perfect! It requires no watering and is typically intertwined with wire, which makes it convenient for wrapping and fitting around your home. Why not try a faux holly garland with lights, or a berry wreath? These little additions look especially perfect along the fire place and dining table. D.I.Y Christmas is a great time to create personalised gifts! Hot chocolate hamper with a festive mug and marshmallows, knitted stocking, gingerbread ornaments, glitter baubles or even personalised wrapping paper, can make any home Christmassy. Getting your craft on around this time of year, makes a good festive activity whilst getting you, your friends and family in the mood. We hope you liked our 5 ways of making your home Christmassy and incorporate these little festive additions into your home. Christmas